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Choko-MockoFamily Bake Shop

71 Station St, Unit 2 (905) 706-6644
Dedicated gluten-free bakery, offering pasta, pizza, soups, salads, burgers. Cookies, bread, squares and more.

Debbie's Boutique Cafe

94 Harwood Avenue S. (905) 239-6721
A wide selection of gluten-free breakfast, lunch and dessert items.

Il Fornello

95 Kingston Road E. (905) 427-1110
Offers gluten-free pizza and pasta.


Antica Osteria Italian Eatery

3088 Mayfield Road (905) 495-5555
Gluten-free pasta available.

Briskit Gourmet Slow Cooked Sandwiches

160 Wilkinson Road, Unit 40 (905) 455-9444
All menu items are made fresh and available gluten-free, such as chili, soups and gravy for fries. Many sandwiches can be made gluten-free.


50 Queen Street W. (905) 595-8598
Gluten-free pasta available and they will make gluten-free sauces.

Nature's Way Bakery

10378 Torbram Road (210) 192-6382
Offers a variety of gluten-free products, including bars, muffins and various cookies.

Organic Oven

31 Melanie Drive Unit 7 (210) 192-6382
Dedicated gluten-free bakery, specializing in cakes, muffins, breads, buns and cookies. Vegan (dairy/egg-free) available for many products.

Poutine Dare to be Fresh

20 Main Street South (289) 752-3615
Offers gluten-free gravy for poutine.

Trio Ristaurante

35 Main Street North (905) 866-5535
Offers gluten-free Pasta.


Artisan Pizza

4-2444 New Street (905) 333-3355
Offers gluten-free pizza crust.

From the Wild Mountain Gluten Free Bakery

(905) 331-9981
Gluten-free breads, muffins, quick loaves, coffee cakes, cookies, English muffins and hamburger buns.

Ivy Bar and Kitchen

3330 South Service Road (905) 333-4891
Gluten-free options are noted on the menu.

My Thai

399 Elizabeth Street (905) 631-8373
Gluten-free menu.


2041 Pine Street (905) 639-1176
Offers gluten-free menu." title="Burlington Paradiso

The Naked Sprout

4040 Palladium Road, Unit 11 (905) 319-2293
Offers gluten-free, raw, vegan cuisine.

Tin Cup Sports Grill

1831 Walkers Line Unit 2. (905) 315-7727
Gluten-Free items noted on the menu, including gluten-free pasta, buns for burgers and enchiladas.


5-175 Plains Road E. (289) 337-6901
Dedicated gluten-free bakery.


Flapjacks Family Restaurants

16560 Hurontario Street (519) 927-3514
Gluten-free pancakes are available.


Brookie Cookie

Visit website for contact information
Variety of gluten-free biscotti and cookies. Available at some retail stores in the GTA.


Adam Wiener Culinary Occasions

250 Cochrane Drive, Unit 9 (905) 474-2220
Catering, specializing in vegan, dairy-free, nut-free and gluten-free cakes.

Bakers Dream

5694 Highway 7 E. (905) 554-2577
Gluten-free baked goods available by special order.


Elisa's Gluten-Free Goodness

(416) 845-0634
Delivers gluten-free cakes, cupcakes, cookies and squares to surrounding area.


220 Main Street (605) 693-0271
Offers gluten free cupcakes. Not dedicated gluten-free.

La Rose Italian Bakery and Delicatessan

327 Bronte Street S. (905) 875-0303
Gluten-free baked goods available.

Pasqualino Cafe and Bistro

248 Main Street E. (905) 693-1992
Gluten-free pasta available.


Alice Fazooli's

209 Rathburn Road W. (905) 281-1721
Offers gluten-free pasta.

Alioli Ristorante

350 Burnhamthorpe Road W. (905) 281-1122
Gluten-free pasta is available.

Amadio's Pizza

360 Revus Ave., Unit 6 Port Credit (905) 891-5500
Gluten-free pizza is available.

Bamboo Legend

3145 Dundas Street W. (905) 569-3180
Gluten-free available upon request.

Katz Imaging Custom Cakes

(647) 887-2253
Offers gluten-free and dairy-free baked goods by special order.


1646 Dundas Street West (905) 896-9111
Gluten-free pasta, risotto and several main dishes.

Raw Aura

94 Lakeshore Road E. (905) 891-2872
Raw food, mostly gluten-free.


Micah's Favourites

(905) 841-8887
Gluten-free mixes are available to order online or in select health food stores.

Nature's Emporium

16655 Yonge Street (905) 898-1844
Gluten-free options available in the bakery.

Spero Ristorante

16655 Yonge Street (905) 710-7833
Gluten-free pasta is available.

Wok Box

5955 Latimer Drive (905) 286-1661
Website indicates gluten-free items.Vegetarian packaged meals.Gluten-free menu with dedicated gluten-free kitchen.Gluten-free options available.


Alice Fazooli's

2015 Winston Park Drive (905) 829-3250
Offers gluten-free pasta.

Alterna Gluten Free Baking Mixes

2907 Portland Drive (905) 565-0000
Offers gluten-free baking mixes.


117 Queen Street South Unit 1 (905) 997-1701
Gluten-free cupcakes, bread, cookies, sweet loaf, brownies and more.

Bamboo Legend

2501 Third Line, Unit 19D (905) 847-9887
Gluten-free available upon request.

Il Fornello

203 North Service Road W. (905) 338-5233
Offers gluten-free pasta and pizza." title="Oakville Il Fornello

Nut'n Gluten

220 North Service Road (905) 842-2999
Retail store offering many gluten-free packaged products.


125 Lakeshore Road E. (905) 338-1594
Offers gluten-free menu." title="Oakville Paradiso

Ristorante Julia

312 Lakeshore Road E. (905) 844-7401
Gluten-free pasta available.


261 Oak Walk Drive (905) 257-5881
Gluten-free pasta available.

Southside Cottage Grill

234 Lakeshore Road E. (905) 338-0050
Menu indicates gluten-free options, including nachos, chicken wings, chicken fingers, salads, burger buns and hotdog buns. Wings and chicken fingers are coated with rice flour. Dedicated fryers.

Tin Cup Sports Grill

1540 North Service Road W. (905) 469-1441
Gluten-Free items noted on the menu, including gluten-free pasta, buns for burgers and enchiladas.

Trattoria Timone

2091 Winston Park Drive (905) 842-2906
Gluten-free pasta available.

Voila Gluten Free Bakeree

22 Lakeshore Road W. (289) 837-0110
Family-owned dedicated gluten-free bakery, offering bagels, bread, pizza dough, pastas, pastries, cupcakes, cakes, pies, buns, baguettes, brownies, eclairs, squares, cookies muffins and much more. Many products are also dairy-free and vegan.


Cocoa & Joe

44 Simcoe Street N. (905) 579-8468
Offers gluten-free sandwiches. Also offers cookies, tarts, muffins, etc.

Mexico Lindo

74 Simcoe Street N. (289) 240-7722
Offers a wife range of gluten-free Mexican options.

Schooner Fish & Chips

1337 King Street E. (905) 576-4442
Offers gluten-free fish and chips.

The Table

20 Simcoe Street South (289) 240-8720
Gluten-free soups, salads, sandwiches and more.


Creme Brulee

608 Liverpool Road (905) 250-0126
Offers gluten-free menu items and custom cakes (with advance notice).

Port Perry

Marcelle's Kitchen

15751 Island Road (905) 982-0794
Dedicated gluten-free bakery.

Richmond Hill


280 West Beaver Creek Road (905) 764-9291
Gluten-free soy sauce is available.

Alice Fazooli's

155A York Boulevard (905) 709-4280
Offers gluten-free pasta.

Il Fornello

8851 Yonge Street (905) 530-1153
Offers gluten-free pasta and pizza." title="Richmond Hill Il Fornello


Charlinda Belgian Chocolate

14811 9th Line (905) 640-8089
All chocolates are gluten-free



8700 Bathurst Street, Unit 10 (905) 709-3473
Offers gluten-free pizza and pasta.


Frankie's Ristorante

1 Main Street S. (905) 852-1011
All menu items are gluten and nut free and can be modified to suit your dietary needs.

Tin Mill Restaurant

53 Toronto Street North (905) 862-0553
Gluten-free options noted on menu.


Alice Fazooli's

20 Colossus Drive (905) 850-3565
Offers gluten-free pasta.

Augusto 33

9300 Keele Street (905) 832-2833
Offers gluten-free bread and baked goods.

Nate's Bagels

60 Rayette Road Unit 12 (210) 192-6382
Large selection of gluten-free baked goods, including bagels, bread, cakes, cookies and fresh pasta and more.

Nut'n Gluten

3120 Rutherford Road, Unit 17 (905) 553-7901
Retail store offering many gluten-free packaged products.


Bella Notte

3570 Brock Street N. (905) 430-5744
Gluten-free corn pasta available.


300 Brock Street N. (905) 665-7575
Gluten-free items indicated on menu.

Cup of Tea Bakery and Cafe

25 Thickson Road N. (905) 429-2049
Offers a variety of gluten-free baked goods, including sandwich breads, muffins, cupcakes, brownies, cakes and more.

Jasmine Garden

10 Meadowglen Drive (905) 493-1967
Menu indicates gluten-free and vegan options.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the restaurants and bakeries listed are completely aware of the cross-contamination issues involved when preparing gluten-free food. Please ask all appropriate questions when visiting any restaurant or bakery.